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The Li Lineage of Acupuncture and TCM

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Words from Dr.LI


      Dr. Heng Li 李恒博士

   Prof. Ding Li

The Representative of China's Intangible Cultural Heritage Acupuncture



Gu Yi Tang (1908), the Former Residence of Li Family 

> Congratulations to Prof. Li 祝贺李鼎教授当选国家级非物质文化遗产针灸代表性传承人2018-11
> Graduation Ceremony of American Ph.D Acupuncture Students in May, 2017
> Closing of CTCM 7010 Applied TCM in PT, April, 2017
> NEW Book Details
> Dr. Li met Dr. Brooks Keel, President of Augusta University and Dr. Jianguang Xu, Preside
> The 60th Anniversary of Shanghai University of TCM
> Lecture for Medical College of Georgia USA on March 1, 2016
> 2016 Fundraising for LSF Charity Fund
> 2015 GRU TCM Credit Courses
> Dr. Li hosted the show "Silk Words" at the Kroc Center, Augusta on Oct.21, 2015
> 2015 China National Medical Continued Education Project
> Lecture for the University of Toledo USA on April 30, 2015
> Guest Lecture for Wesleyan College USA Dec.09 2014
> China National TCM Lineage Studio of Prof. Li was established in 2014
> Celebration of Prof. Li's 85 Years Old Birthday by Shanghai University of TCM, 2014
> Last Lecture of CTCM4000/7000 Dec.5 2014
> Dr.Li's Class Activities Nov. 2014
> Guest Lecture to Humanities Majors in GRU
> Dr. LI hosted the GRU Confucius Institute Show in Augusta on Sept. 27, 2014
> Prof. LI was honored as academic consultant of TCM Doctor's Association of CA, U.S.
> Dr.LI starts to teach TCM in GRU from Sept. 2014
> Establishment of LSF Charity Fund Jan 2014
> Small Class Teaching in March. 2014
> TCM Seminar for American Students Jan,2014
> TCM Seminar for Malaysian Doctors 11-2013
> TCM Seminar for Israel Doctors 08-2013
> TCM Seminar in Unilever Global Research and Development Centre 07-2013
> TCM Lecture for American Students from University of Michigan 06-2013
> Last Lecture for the first TCM credit Course in GRU
> Prof. LI was invited to give TCM seminars in the U.S in Oct. 2014
> Dr.LI was interviewed by St.Martin's University USA, March 12,2013
> TCM Seminars in Saint Martin's University USA 2013
> Lecture in Lacey Library USA March 9,2013
> Dr.LI visited New York College of TCM and Bastyer University March,2013
> International TCM Seminars in 2012
> Dr.LI and Prof.LI Visited Prof.Cheng Xinnong 2012
> International TCM Seminars in 2011
> Dr LI won the 3rd prize of Shanghai Educational Scientific Research 2010
> TCM Seminars
> Official celebration for Prof. LI Ding's 80 years old birthday Nov. 2009
> International TCM Seminars in 2009
> Dr. LI’s research article has been published in a European medical journal Anti-Cancer Re
> Dr. LI visited Kuopio University, Finland Oct. 2009
> Dr. LI visited Norwegian Medicial Acupuncutre Association Oslo, Norway Oct. 2009
> TCM Seminars in Thammasat University Thailand 2008
> International TCM Seminars in France,Hongkong, UK and Australia
> Dr. LI met Nobel Prize Winner Prof. Ferid Murad in SHUTCM.2007
> TCM Seminars in Public Health Ministry of Thailand 2006
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