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The Li Lineage of Acupuncture and TCM

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Associate Professor

 Associate Professor

International Education College

  Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

A. First professor to teach TCM subjects in English among WHO collaborating Centers in China. Dr. LI has been teaching more than 2.000 international students since 2000.

Dr. LI and his American students  

B. International TCM Seminars in USA, UK, France, Australia, Thailand, Norway, Germany, Finland, Netherlands and Switzerland etc. 

Closing Ceremony of Dr. LI's Seminar in Bangkok, Ministry of Public Health Thailand 2006

C. Reformer of International T.C.M. Education -The 3rd prize winner of Shanghai Educational Scientific Research Award 2010


Shanghai Educational Scientific Research Award 2010

D. Winner of the 10th lecturing competition of Shanghai University of TCM. 2012  as the only english speaking participant

E. Member of Advisory Board of 


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