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History of LSF Charity


History of Le Shan Fang Charity 

According to the history book, a famine broke up in 1240 A.D. (Song Dynasty). Thousands of people died in Zhejiang province. Dr. LI’s forefather LI Duanlv (1214~1267) donated all of his grain to the starving people although he was not the richest landlord. As result, people of 7 counties survived. After the famine, local government built up a memorial archway named “Le Shan Fang” (Happiness lies in helping others) for him as an award. See below:

 Le Shan Fang (The original building was destroyed)

Since then, LIS helps the others even more than before. Every Chinese New Year, LIS family always hangs the red lantern in front of the door, on which there are characters “Le Shan Fang LIS”.



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